Scubapro Sea Glider

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The SCUBAPRO Sea Glider is an instrument designed to improve the diver's performance and safety, allowing extended underwater range with a lower air consumption.Lightweight, fast, easy to use: the Sea Glider enables divers to travel faster and see more. Convenient for divers as well as for children playing at the surface.Features:* Hydrodynamic profile and powerful engine. Fast and effortless handling.Reduced turbulences.* Propeller positioned beneath battery compartment* Can be used at the surface for snorkeling and swimming, or below with SCUBA.* Slightly positive buoyancy in salt water (0.5kg in fresh water)* Cannot be lost by accident, and will always ascent to the surface when left free.* 0.8kg of weight is enough to make it sink.* Enables divers to visit all types of dive sites without getting tired at depth.* Minimum 50 minute continuous run time* Enough for a standard dive at 3.5km/h speed (maximum speed for an average diver).* Propeller breakable safety pin. Improved safety in case of entanglement: belts, lines, weeds, and fingers.* Three separate sealed compartments Battery with hydrogen catalyst, relay, and engine. Increased safety in case of accidental flooding.* Easy-open battery compartment* Quick-release stainless steel buckles to quickly replace a discharged battery.* Quick-connect lead acid battery Instantaneous connection/disconnection without any tool.* Automatic charger 10/12h recharging time with automatic shut down when fully charged.* Mounting bracket for SCUBAPRO light Ideal for low light level diving.* Protective roller case* Easy handling, safe storage and transport.Diver Propulsion Vehicle. 50 min run time. Max speed 3.5km/h. 10hr recharge time. 80m depth rated.
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